Family Law encompasses anything that has to do with the family unit. Most people aren’t prepared for the stress and anxiety that comes with the legal issues that involve a family member. In addition to the mental and emotional toll that these matter can have, they also carry the possibility of fracturing important family relationships. That’s why we at SFL help families through a variety of different Family Law matters, always with the aim of resolving issues quickly and peacefully. We understand that these issues can be difficult and we’re committed to working with you and your family, while also protecting your personal needs and interests.

If your family is in crisis or in need of advice, we can help. Our practice provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. Here are SFL we will help you navigate the following:

– Divorce
– Legal opinions and advice concerning family law matters
– Division of Property and Assets
– Child Custody and Access
– Spousal and Child Maintenance
– Adoption
– Paternity Declaration
– Prenuptial Agreements
– Separation agreements


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