Every single business will, at one time or another, enter into some type of contract. In fact, the very act of engaging in any business, providing a good or service for profit, inherently creates a contractual relationship. A good contract will reflect the true understanding and agreement of the parties in a clear and legally binding manner. A well written contract can help protect you and your business from professional, financial and legal issues down the road. A poorly written contract, however, ma subject you and your business to significant risks. 

Because contracts are fundamental tools of business, it is imperative that they are precisely written and carefully negotiated to address potential risk. Each agreement that you or your business enters into should be drafted in such a way that it ensure all of your business rights are protected, that the contract benefits your business and that it does not create any unnecessary burdens or liabilities.

It is important for business owners and entrepreneurs to have an attorney available to advise them on day-to-day contracts that are critical to the success of their venture.

We provide the following services:
– Business Service Agreements
– Lease Agreements
– Employment Agreement
– Non-Disclosure Agreements
– Events/Entertainment Agreements
– Professional Service Contracts
– Consent Forms
– Care Provider Agreements
– Manufacturing and Transportation Agreements
– Membership Agreements

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